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Capacity Maturity Levels


Level 1: Reactive and Break-fix. Throw hardware at the problem ... until the next capacity failure.

Level 2: Infrastructure Driven. Bottom up hardware sizing .. add  resources when thresholds hit.

Level 3: Application Driven 

Proactive Remediation of bottlenecks.

Level 4: Business Driven

Strategic capacity - with proactive Business and Technology partnership.


Cost vs Risk Trade-off



How much excess capacity is it cost efficient to maintain as an insurance against volume spikes?


Rush hour ...

The time when traffic is at a standstill!


We can help you with any aspect of your Capacity Planning project, such as:

1: Developing the Strategy and Plans

2: Defining the Capacity Demand e.g. Volume forecasting models
3: Estimating the platform's current capacity and headroom
4: Implementing light and practical Frameworks and Methodology
5: Driving change and reporting progress through Executive Dashboards and Heatmaps

6: Running  Capacity Planning Training Courses and Management Workshops

Capacity Planning is a journey not a destination.


There is no silver bullet!  Capacity Planning is best performed in 1-3 month steps which successively improve the culture, processes and most importantly the quality and confidence level in the Capacity Plans themselves.

Capacity Planning is therefore best viewed as a journey not a destination. We can help you navigate the best route to take to achieve your goals.

We function as  catalysts to drive change across your organisation


We work in partnership with your Technology and Operations Organisations as a catalyst for change and continuous improvement.

We are change agents with a proven track record or making Capacity Planning happen and avoiding capacity outages.