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Get ahead of the growth curve

Plan for peaks not averages


"What really matters to us is the performance on that critical 1 day of the month when volumes spike - not the other 29 days" 

Group CIO, 

Leading Global Investment Bank



peak Capacity is one of the world leaders in Financial Markets Capacity Planning


"This is by far the best capacity planning strategy and programme I have seen in my entire career in Investment Banking"

CIO, Global Equities Technology

Leading Global Investment Bank

Capacity in the news - but for the wrong reasons...

Implications of failure can be severe to the business and  it's reputation 



The Problem - how to get out of the fire fighting mode ...



Most Banks are in reactive fire fighting mode where hardware is thrown at the problem in response to service outages and performance degradation. 

Capacity planning is focussed on sizing servers and databases.

The business is disconnected and not engaged in the process.

... and embed change in the DNA of the Organisation.


Our goal is to change the culture of the organisation and the way in which it thinks about and executes capacity plans to improve the ability to handle peak business capacity demands. We will help you to transform capacity planning from a gut-feel, mysterious, art form into a structured discipline that is embedded into the organisational DNA.


We are catalysts for change .... with a world class track record in Investment Banking 


We understand Investment Banking: We have completed capacity planning projects for Credit, Rates, Equities, Prime Brokerage and Derivatives.

We deliver results: We have a track record of helping our clients get beyond fire fighting outages to anticipate future capacity demands. We make change happen and aim to embed new behaviours into the organisation DNA.

We have successfully worked for two of the largest Investment Banks in the world:


1. Top 5 US Investment Bank

2. Top 5 European Investment Bank