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Definition of 'Rush Hour' - the time when traffic is at a standstill!



Tokyo Stock Exchange forced to close early after a flood of orders ...


DNACritics blame underinvestment for TSE shutdown
FT - Sunday Jan 22 2006 11:05

The forced shutdown of the Tokyo Stock Exchange because of the weight of trading volume must count as one of the most foreseeable IT disasters in stock exchange history.

Despite daily trading volumes reaching record highs last year as foreign and domestic retail investors piled into the market rally, the TSE system's order capacity remains pitifully low by the standards of other major financial centres.

... despite 3 system upgrades in the past year!


TOKYO (Reuters) - The TSE has upgraded its systems three times in the past year but still found itself on Wednesday unable to cope with surging trade volume that threatened to bump up against full capacity.

TSE Chairman and President Taizo Nishimuro now wants to bolster daily trade-processing capacity to 7 million to 8 million by the end of 2006 from current limit of 4.5 million, said TSE spokesman Toru Onoda.


UK Government Census site collapses on launch due to underestimating volumes .. 


LONDON (BBC)- The first online census in England has crashed on its first day after 1.2 million people tried to search for relatives. 
The website, launched in a blaze of publicity at the beginning of this year, immediately collapsed under the weight of up 7m people trying to access it at the same time.


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