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Anticipate rather than react to events ...

Get ahead of the  curve and 'insure' against capacity failures on peak volume days.


Getting the Business Heads interested and engaged ...


Biz Engagement

Active business engagement is a major challenge but also a critical success factor.

Otherwise it will come second to competing priorities such as the delivery of new products, functions and releases. But to succeed, Technology must talk the businesses language ...

Capacity in the news - but for the wrong reasons...

Implications of failure can be severe to the business and  it's reputation 







Help our clients prepare for and profit from high volume peaks.

Grow Money

In short, we want you to make money on peak volume days .... not suffer frustrating capacity constraints because you hit the capacity "brick wall".

Fin Mkts

Thought Leaders

We are one of the leading Capacity Planning  Consultancies  in  the Financial Markets sector


One of a kind

We have extensive experience in Investment Banking, Capacity Planning and Consulting in

Financial Markets



"This is by far the best capacity planning strategy and programme I have seen in my entire career in Investment Banking" 

CIO, Global Equities 

Leading Investbank Bank